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With the integration, you will be able to show product ratings you have collected in in the results.

Api keys

To get started, make sure you have installed the in your Shopify store.

  1. Open the app, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Developers. You will need the Public token, located under API.

  2. Open the Perfect Product Finder app from your Shopify store admin. Go to the Integrations tab, click Connect for and fill in the Public token from the previous step, and click Connect. You should get a success message.

Flow settings

You have now connected the app with To enable showing product ratings in the results, make sure to do the following for each flow:

  • Edit the flow using the flow builder. Open the Results step in the left sidebar. Under Result options on the right, make sure to check Enable product ratings.

Thats it! Product ratings collected in will now show up in the results, helping you increase conversion.

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