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In this support article, we’ll guide you through creating a Klaviyo flow based on the "Quiz Completed" metric and using properties to build personalized emails with the customers' quiz recommendations.

Klaviyo Integration

Before you can create a flow in Klaviyo, you need to connect Lantern to your Klaviyo account. Follow the instructions provided in the separate guide on how to integrate the app with Klaviyo.

Once you have integrated the app, each person who completes the quiz and enters their email will be added to your designated list in Klaviyo. Their profile will have an Activity Log section on the right hand side of the screen, that shows a "Completed Product Finder" event with their answers, and "Product Recommended" events with the recommended products.

To the left of the Activity Log , you will find Custom Properties which is a detailed list of all information synched from the quiz such as Questions and their Answers, Product Results with Price, Currency, Product ID, Product Name, and Product URL.

You can use Custom Properties to create separate email segments that trigger individual flows.

Please note: The information is arranged in Alphabetical order which is why you see Answers is at the top of the list, and Questions at the bottom .

Create a flow in Klaviyo

Now that you have the necessary events in Klaviyo, you can create a flow based on the "Quiz Completed" metric:

  • Log in to your Klaviyo account.

  • Navigate to the Flows tab.

  • Click "Create Flow" and name your flow (e.g., "Product Quiz Recommendations").

  • Select the "Completed Product Finder" metric as the trigger for the flow and click "Done."

Email set-up in the flow

  • In your newly created flow, you’ll see a list of ACTIONs on the left-hand side menu. Click "Send Email" - and drag and drop this block underneath your trigger block. As you connect the two, you’ll be able to see a blank box where the email block will go.

  • Click the email and then the Configure Content button in the left-hand side menu to add a name, subject, from name and sender email address.
    Please make sure you select the HMTL option, not the text only.

Create e-mail HTML content

To make the process easier and ensure a consistent format, we strongly recommend using our pre-built email template for your product recommendations. This template includes placeholders for the recommended products and quiz answers, which will be personalized for each customer.

  • Access the pre-built HTML email template.

  • Copy the HMTL code.
    Please note: In order to do this, left-click anywhere in the HTML code window. Press "Ctrl+A" (Windows/Linux) or "Cmd+A" (Mac) to select the entire HTML source code. Press "Ctrl+C" (Windows/Linux) or "Cmd+C" (Mac) to copy the entire HTML source code.

  • In the email editor in Klaviyo, make sure to select HTML for full control over the content and delete the existing template that Klaviyo automatically populates.

  • Paste the copied template into the email editor.

Please note inside our Codepen, the preview of the template will look a bit odd with a few lines of code running vertically along the 3 product recommendation columns.

Rest assured, these will not appear inside your Klaviyo template! This code necessary for the correct formatting of the email inside Klaviyo and it appears like this only in the Codepen preview.

Customize your HTML email

You can watch our video tutorial on how to edit the HTML template below:

Here are the elements that need customization within the HTML template. You can use the search in the template to look for them and edit the generic placeholders with your details.

  • search for “Shop Name” and replace it with the name of your store

  • search for “logo” - replace the logo URL in BOTH places (header and footer)

  • search for “COMPANY NAME” and replace it with your company name in the footer

  • search for “facebook.com" and “instagram.com” to replace the links to your social media pages

  • search for “storelink” to replace the link to your store

  • if applicable, search for "$" and change this to your store's currency

The template uses dynamic tags to insert the customer's first name, recommended products, and quiz answers. By using the template, you can ensure that the email will include all the necessary information for a personalized experience.

Test your flow

Before launching your flow, it's important to test it:

  • Send a test email to yourself to ensure the recommendations are displayed correctly.

  • Complete the quiz with a test email address and check that the email is triggered and sent correctly.

Klaviyo Spam Emails

Important Note! By default, emails sent from Klaviyo end up in the Spam folder. To avoid this, it's vital that you setup your own domain and sender.

Please follow these steps:

  • Go to Accounts > Settings > Domain and Hosting.

  • Click on Get Started.

  • Under root domain provide your store's domain name - e.g. siestasloth.com

  • Under sending domain, choose a subdomain to use for email sending - e.g. "email"

  • Follow the instructions provided by Klaviyo to update your DNS records (the exact instructions for this step will vary depending on the platform you used to register your domain name)

  • Once you've setup your DNS Records, allow a bit of time to pass (up to 24h, but usually 5 minutes will be enough) and then click on Verify Records.

  • Once the records have been verified, click on Apply Domain.

Congratulations! You are now using your own domain to send emails through Klaviyo! This will maximize your marketing efforts, delivering more emails to the inbox of your customers and potential customers.

You can check he article How to set up a dedicated sending domain from Klaviyo.

Integrating Lantern with Klaviyo allows you to harness the power of personalized product recommendations and enhance your customers' experience. By following the steps outlined in this support article, you can create an effective Klaviyo flow that sends tailored emails based on your customers' quiz results.

Using our pre-built email template will streamline the process and ensure consistent formatting. Remember to test your flow thoroughly before launching it to guarantee the best possible experience for your customers. With this setup in place, you'll be well on your way to driving customer engagement, building trust, and increasing sales in your Shopify store.

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