Set up and customize the Email Capture Page

This step is a wonderful opportunity for you to collect your customer’s email address for further opportunities to share information about your brand, products and offers. As always, you can preview the Email Capture Page inside the Editor.

On this page, you can configure the default text to something that suits your personal brand and is quiz specific. For our demo, we’re creating a perfect houseplant finder quiz to help our customers find the ideal houseplant for their level of experience and home conditions, so the messaging we use will reflect that.

While capturing emails is a great opportunity to grow your business, your customers always have the option to skip this step by clicking on No thanks underneath the Submit & get results button.

You can edit the look of your quiz from Theme Settings. In our demo, we’ve already changed the primary color, background, and typography of our quiz. We’re now going to walk you through how to change the text inside the Submit & get results button.

  • (1) First, open your Theme Settings.

  • (2) Underneath the language drop-down menu, you'll see a message saying You can add more languages in the admin. Click the blue link and you will be redirected to the Language Settings inside the app’s admin.

  • (3) Click the green Add Language button and select English from the drop-down. As you can see you now have a complete list of the buttons and default text included in your quiz. You can fully customize this and change the wording of each available element in the Navigation, Question Steps and Results page sections.

  • (4) We find our button in the Question Steps section under the Submit email button heading and change the default text to ‘See My Recommendations’.

  • (5) Once this is done, Save your changes.

For more information about translating your quiz into different languages or modifying the default text of your quiz, please see the following article.

  • (6) Now you can return to your flow to apply these changes. Click the Flows tab to be redirected to your flows page and then click the edit icon next to your relevant flow.

  • (7) Inside your Theme settings, the language drop-down will now have a 3rd option: English Custom. Select this and view the changes that you’ve made.

For more information on customizations available through Theme Settings please check out the following article.

Finally, from this page, you can skip past adding the results to your quiz and go straight into configuring how you will save captured emails. There are 3 options for this: Klaviyo, Mailchimp or using our built-in PPF Emails. For more information on setting each of these up individually, check out the following articles: Integration: Mailchimp, Integration: Klaviyo and PPF Emails-setup and customizations.
Just make sure you don't forget to come back and add your results.

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