How to add transition screens to your quiz

Transition pages serve as the bridge between different sections of your quiz or from the Welcome Page to the first question. They are valuable tools that can boost user engagement, guide participants through the quiz, and even increase the completion rate.

Transition pages can serve different purposes such as:

  • Break up the quiz into manageable sections.

  • Offer information or tips before introducing more complex questions.

  • Set expectations or provide context for the following sections.

  • Increase suspense or engagement with cliffhangers or teasers.

Here is an example of a ‘what to expect’ transition page that links our welcome page to the first question in the quiz.

To add a transition page, from the quiz flow editor click Add Page and select Transition Screen.

On the resulting Transition Screen, you can add an optional headline, the actual information you want to share with your customers, and also upload media such as an image, video or GIF.

As with any element of the quiz where you can add media, this section provides a link to Unsplash, but you also have the option to upload your own. You can also adjust the image height and width by providing size specifications in pixels.

As this is an existing quiz, the Transition Screen is positioned at the bottom as it was the very last element to be added, but it can easily be moved and arranged to your desired position using drag and drop.

Finally, you can use the auto transition feature to adjust the number of seconds after which you want the screen to transition to the next one or alternatively enable the Show Next Question Button.

Remember, transition pages are more than just fillers in a quiz. They have the potential to enhance the quiz experience and drive engagement when done right. Use them as opportunities to communicate, engage, and guide your users through the quiz journey.

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