How to use Logic Jumps

Logic jumps are effectively quiz decision trees that allow your customers to move through the quiz in a logical order based on previous answers that they’ve given. Take this quiz for example. We're looking to create an apparel quiz and our first question asks our customers to choose what they’re interested in buying: Shoes, Bottoms or Tops.

If the customer chooses shoes, we have additional two additional questions we want to ask them about the style of shoes and brand preference before making any product recommendations.

We need to be able to do this for both the bottoms and the tops. Therefore, we will need to create a total of 7 questions. However, we only want each customer to answer 3 questions, all related to their previous answers.

The ‘jump’ between related questions and the logic that ensures that if our customer picks shoes, they will then be asked to choose which style of shoe and then which brand of shoe, completely bypassing the bottoms and tops questions, is called a logic jump.

In order to start creating this decision tree, you must Configure Logic Jumps. This will allow you to edit your conditional answers and ‘’tell’’ the quiz which question to go to based on the previous answer..

Once all configurations are done, our decision tree will look like this:

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