Streamline Your Quiz Setup with Automated Collections

Creating a product quiz that resonates with your customers has never been easier thanks to Lantern. In this article we're going to cover off why we encourage you to use Shopify Automated Collections when setting up your quiz. They offer an intuitive way to filter your products in line with your quiz answers which simplifies the process of setting up your quiz. And with our new resync function, keeping everything up-to-date is a breeze.

Benefits of Using Shopify Automated Collections

Automated Collections in Shopify allow you to categorize your products based on various conditions such as price range, product type, or tags. This makes them an excellent tool for easily organizing your store's items, which in turn facilitates the quiz creation process.

Creating Automated Collections in Shopify

Creating a Collection by Price Range

  1. Log into Shopify and navigate to Products > Collections.

  2. Create a New Collection and select Automated under Collection type.

  3. Under Conditions, select Price and define your range. For example, we'll create a collection for products where the Price is greater than £100.

  4. Save Changes. Your collection will automatically update when products within this price range are added or removed.

Creating a Collection by Product Type

  1. Go to Products > Collections.

  2. Create a New Collection and choose Automated under Collection type.

  3. For Conditions, select Product Type and specify, for example, "Tennis Rackets."

  4. Save Changes. Now, whenever a new tennis racket is added, it will appear in this collection automatically.

Creating a Collection by Tags

  1. Navigate to Products > Collections.

  2. Create a New Collection and pick Automated for Collection type.

  3. In Conditions, choose Product Tag, use the is equal to operation and enter the desired tag like "Accessory."

  4. Save Changes. Products with this tag will now automatically populate this collection.

Mixed-Rule Collections

Automated Collections in Shopify can be further tailored by mixing and matching different rules. For instance, you can create a collection that only includes tennis rackets within a certain price range and with specific tags. This advanced customization can be easily tied to questions inside your Lantern quiz about price range and product types.

Dynamic Linking with Lantern

After setting up your collections in Shopify, go to the Results Page in your Quiz Builder. Click the Link Collections button to add the products in that collection to your quiz.

Link and Resync with Ease

While changes to Automated Collections won't dynamically update inside the quiz due to API limitations, Lantern has a simple solution for that—a resync function. Once you've added new products to your store or made updates to your existing product prices or tags, simply use the resync feature in Lantern to update your quiz manually. This ensures that your quiz always showcases your latest products.

You can find the resync button inside the quiz flow editor, on the Results page, inside the top banner.

Automated Collections are a practical way to sort through your product offerings and make results matching straightforward. And with Lantern's resync function, maintaining up-to-date quizzes is simple and convenient.

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