Create Klaviyo Segments based on quiz information

In this guide, we will walk through the process of creating Klaviyo segments using properties provided by Lantern.

Step1: Create a new Segment

First, log in to your Klaviyo account. From the dashboard, on the left-hand side menu locate and click on the 'Lists & Segments' option underneath.

Then, click on the 'Create List/Segment' button to start creating a new segment. After clicking on 'Create List/Segment', you will be presented with two options: 'List' and 'Segment'. Choose the 'Segment' option since we are creating a new segment based on certain properties.

Step2: Create Segment Rules

For our purposes, we'll be using properties provided by Lantern. These properties include:

1. Quiz Answers: Use these to create segments based on the responses customers have provided during the quiz

For instance, to create a segment for customers who selected allergies as their answer to question 1, choose 'Properties about someone' -> 'Answer(1)' -> 'Equals', and then select the ‘Allergies’ from the second drop-down.

You can create segments based on a sequence of quiz answers by adding new rules:

2. Recommended Products: Segment customers based on the products recommended to them.

In our example, we’re interested in creating a segment for the customers who have been recommended Cloud Cradle Soft Memory Foam Medium Pillow as one of their quiz results. For this, we will use the ProdcutName property.

We show a total of 3 results in the quiz so we want to include all customers that have been recommended this product regardless if it was their 1st, 2nd or 3rd result.

3. Quiz Questions: Segment customers based on the questions they were asked during the quiz.

This is especially relevant if you have logic jumps in your quiz and you know only certain customers will be asked certain questions based on their previous answer selection. You can use this to create a rule based on what that question would be for this specific group of customers using the Question property:

4. Product Information: Use the price, Shopify product ID, or store URL of the recommended results as a base for your segmentation. The respective properties are: Price, ProductID and Url.

Please note: Whilst most of our properties are text properties, when using Price the type should be changed to number.

Step3: Name and Create your Segment

Give your new segment a specific name that clearly indicates its purpose. Once you've named the segment, save and create it by clicking the Create Segment button.

Once your segment is created, it's dynamic - meaning it updates as customers meet or no longer meet the defined criteria. This allows your email campaigns to adapt to these segments, automatically adding new customers who meet the segment's rules.

By integrating data from your Lantern quiz, you can create highly targeted segments in Klaviyo that increase the relevance and effectiveness of your email marketing. Remember to regularly revisit and refine your segments to ensure they continue to deliver value to your campaigns.

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