Lantern Emails Set-up and Customization

If you do not have a Mailchimp or Klaviyo account, you can build personalized emails using our editor and connect them with your quiz results.

To set up Lantern emails, click on "Connect" to open the email editor. You can then customize it to match your brand and ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Email Customizations

You can preview any changes and customizations made on the right-hand side of your screen.

Upload your Own Logo

Click on Change Image and upload your own logo assets. You can also edit the width of the logo if you don’t want this to be 100%

Please note: there is no way to remove the logo for now, so instead of this you will need to upload a fully transparent background image.

Accent Color, Questions Email and Email Subject

The Questions Email is the email that customers can contact you on directly for inquiries or support so please make sure to change this!

You can change the accent color using the color picker provided or simply by entering the HEX code in the input box. We also recommend changing the email subject so that it better reflects your brand.

Changing Email Text

You can change the text content of your emails by modifying the HMTL, however, please make sure that you’re familiar with this process before attempting it.

If you want to keep the same structure and just modify the text, you can do so by changing the content inside the already existing HTML tags for headings and paragraphs. Please make sure when doing this that you don’t actually mistakenly delete or replace any of the built-in code.

Further CSS Customizations

You can further customize any of the built-in CSS and change not only the actual text but the font, padding, margins, alignments, and position of the elements on the page.

We recommend making such changes only if you are 100% comfortable with CSS as any changes could significantly impact the look of your emails, especially on different smaller screens and mobile devices.

Test it out

Once you’re finished with the customizations, please make sure to send at least 1 test email to check that everything is expected. We also recommend opening the email on different size screens to ensure the look is consistent especially if you’ve made any CSS modifications.

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