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Product Variant Linking

April 6th, 2023

You can now link specific product variants in your quizzes, which means you can create even more tailored quiz experiences for your customers. You can see more information in this video or our FAQ.

Tracking Code, Favicon & Order Tagging

April 6th, 2023

Tracking Code

You can now add any kind of tracking code to your quizzes (Meta Pixel, Google Analytics etc.).

Edit your quiz, go to Settings and copy-paste your tracking script into the Tracking Code input.


You can now add a favicon (the small icon which shows in the tab bar or bookmarks bar for any window, tab or page) to each quiz.

We recommend using the same favicon that you are currently using in your store, or your brand logo.

Edit your quiz, navigate to Settings and copy-paste the URL of your favicon into the Favicon input.

Order Tagging

All orders generated through a quiz are now automatically tagged with "PPF Quiz" for better attribution and easier filtering. You can disable/re-enable this from the Results Page.

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