Quiz Logic and Product Linking

Match Score

The Perfect Product Quiz Builder logic Our is based on each individual product’s match score. This indicates how well a given product matches a customer's preferences based on their quiz answers. It has an x/y format where y is the number of questions in the quiz, and x is the number of times that product was a match for the chosen answer.

The more present a product is as a match to the selected answers the higher its score will be.

Linking Products

To build the quiz logic all you need to do is add products in the Results Page inside the quiz flow editor.

Each answer you’ve given will come with two sections: Matched Results and Excluded Products

In most cases, you’ll only need to add matched results. Excused products are for very specific scenarios where you absolutely do not want certain products to be included in the results if a specific answer is selected. Being excluded from certain answers won’t affect the product’s final match score.

To start adding products for each answer click Link Products. You can filter the products in your store by their title, using the search bar, product type, Collection and tags. You can select multiple products that match your search criteria and link them in bulk.

You can also link just variants of a product. to include these as individual recommended results. You can find a quick video tutorial on linking variants here.

Excluded Products

Excluded products become useful in scenarios where if a particular answer is selected, then certain products should absolutely not be included in the final results.

If you exclude a product from an answer, and that answer is selected, the product will not be included in the results regardless of the match score it accrued throughout the quiz.

Being excluded from specific answers doesn't exclude a product from the quiz entirely. The product can be set as a matched result to any other answer in your quiz and it will still be included in the results based on its match score if that particular answer isn’t selected.

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