Creating a flow

A flow is a series of questions that recommends products to your customers, based on their answers. You can create as many flows as you want on all plans. We recommend creating a flow geared towards a single collection of products in your store, or a specific need that customers have.

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Flow creation

To create a flow, open the Perfect Product Finder from the Shopify admin page, under Apps, and go to the Flows tab. Click on New flow.

Create a flow in the Perfect Product Finder

In the creation screen you can set a name for the flow, and a slug. The slug defines a unique path for the flow. It will be part of the URL where the flow can be accessed by customers of your online store.

After creating a new flow, the flow page will open. On this page you can view analytics of the flow, and edit its settings. This page can also be accessed from the Flows overview, by clicking on the flow.

Editing a flow

The flow builder

Now that you have a flow, it's time to add some questions to it. Open the flow builder by clicking Open flow builder on the flow's overview page. You will see something similar to the image below:

The flow builder consists of the following elements:

  1. Steps overview: in the sidebar on the left a list of all the questions in the flow is shown. Here you can add questions, and edit existing questions. You can reorder questions by dragging them. You can also add a welcome screen and email capture here.

  2. Theme settings: with these settings you can change the design of the flow to look exactly how you want it to. Learn more about branding your flow.

  3. The main section is the visual editor (Preview): it shows what the flow will look like, and at the same time it is the editor. Here you can edit the currently selected question, and add & edit options. To change a text, select it and enter text.

  4. Switch the main section from Preview to Match products, when you have filled in a question and need to match the answers to products. See the section below for more information.

  5. On the top right you can preview the current flow and publish it. With Preview you can try out the flow you are currently building for yourself. All changes in the flow builder are automatically saved, but before changes are visible to customers, you will need to click Publish.

  6. Use this button to go back to the app dashboard in Shopify.

  7. Using these buttons you can switch the view from Questions, to Products and Logic. In the Products view you can select the products to link to this flow. In the Logic view you can add conditional logic to the flow.

Setting up a basic flow

For this guide we are going to set up a simple flow. We will fill in the selected question with some text and options, and then add another step. We are going to add a Welcome screen and fill it in.

Start by clicking Add welcome screen. You can add a title and description, and configure the layout. Depending on the layout, you can add images, videos and gif's. To quickly add free media, try out our Unsplash, Pexels and Giphy integrations.

Matching products

Now that we have a welcome screen to invite customers in, and a question with some options, we need to link products to these answers. These products match the answers and are recommended to the customer at the end of a flow.


To be able to match products, we first have to select which products are linked to this flow. Open the Products view using the button at the top of the screen. Click Link products, and add the products that you want to use in this flow. When done it looks something like this:


Switch back to the Questions view, select a question, and open to the Match products tab. You can now link products to their matching answer(s).

Publishing a flow

Now that the flow contains questions and has products linked, we are ready to have our customers use it. Publishing a flow consists of two parts:

  1. First, the changes in the flow builder must be published, so that they are publicly visible. Click Publish at the top right of the flow builder.

  2. Secondly, the flow must be published from its draft state in the Shopify admin. Click Back to ... at the top left of the flow builder to go back to the app dashboard. You will see something similar to the image below:

Click Publish to make the flow visible to everyone.

Start using your flow

Now that the flow is published you can link to it from your store, from emails, or anywhere else. You will be presented with the following section on the flow's overview page:

Click Copy to copy the link of the flow to your clipboard, or use one of the share buttons to share the flow to social media.

That's it! You now know how to create flows for your online store! Take a look at some of the other pages in the documentation for more information on specific features and integrations.

If you want to hide the flow you created from the world, you can Unpublish it under More actions.

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